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Friday, July 8, 2011

Trivia: Our 1 yr anniversary in Australia is the same as what notorius event?

We didn't celebrate. We didn't even realize it had passed until we started hearing about another famous 1 year anniversary. Yes we share our 1 year anniversary in Australia almost to the day with the Kevin Rudd's knife in the back and Julia Gillard's ascendancy to.. well something.
Thanks to my husband I understand a bit more about Australian politics than even a few Australians. Their politics are as confusing as the game of cricket so the chances of me ever really comprehending the system are pretty slim.
Seems like there will more than a few late nights spent studying for my citizenship test when the time comes. I apparently will have to know a bit about cricket, aussie rules football, politics and finally actual Australian history. Knowing is different than understanding, thank goodness.
So I thought in quiet celebration I would write down some of the things we have achieved this year.
1. A house, oy two people who have lived in a tiny apartment in China for 12 years should probably not have a house with a garden and a yard to look after. Which has reminded me I still haven't watered the plants tonight, ugh!
2. A dog, yeah refer to number one. Our dog is spoiled. Beyond spoiled. He is also not helping with our ability to take care of the yard that came with #1 achievement this year. In addition he has chewed up two patio chairs. Plastic wicker and puppies don't mix.
3. Pumpkins which have also not been helped by the dog. My beautiful miniature pumpkins, I almost had one and the dog decided it was a chew toy. Mmm yeah he better not do that again!
So ok there are a few more. We achieved job stuff once everyone adjusted to the fact I am American and my English is sprinkled with Chinese I did alright and Darren is going great guns. I taught Eli's class a song in Chinese which they sang at assembly.
Really though, no matter how much we have or do accomplish I have a feeling God brought the dog into our lives to keep us humble.
Soon I hope to have two more accomplishments under our belt.
Darren and the boys will soon have their very first father/sons campout. The dog will be keeping me company so he will hopefully be helpful this time.

Finally, we have friends visiting from China for the first time.
Wait til they meet the dog!
A year later and we are still learning new things about living in Australia. We are half way through our 2 year transition plan.
Things are becoming more routine now.
We expect the holes in the lawn where the dog tried to bury his bone, his teddy bear and anything else he can get his paws on.
We expect to need a few plastic bags every weekend to clean up after the dog.
We know that when a Great Dane walks by the dog will go absolutley crazy and need to be yelled at. He has small dog syndrome.
We know that the dog will try to eat the coffee grounds I have lovingly sprinkled on my veggies.
The boys know to ask for us to chain the dog up when they are playing with small toys and balls or they will not have small toys and balls anymore.
The dog knows that when he is ready he can stand outside the study window and he will, eventually, get a good play from Darren which means the rest of us know that Darrens spoils the dog more than anyone else.

Really though we all know that whether we are tired, stressed, anxious or sad there is a little creature waiting in the garage to be cuddled. He will take the tears of harsh parental punishment away and gives mom and dad release from a day full of adult cares. I am not sure I have forgiven him for the pumpkins yet though.

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